bonjondoo (bonjondoo) wrote in tng_arizona,

I wanna let my hair hang down

I wanna let my hair hang down, I'm ready now, WHERE'S THE PARTY!
so hopefully everyone remembers they were putting aside the date Oct 16th? huh? you ask, is something going on then? Yes! I reply.
TNG-AZ is having a party. It's open to all card carrying kinksters in AZ. (that means you have to be a member of a group that has membership cards)
The reason I mention this fabulousness that will be taking place on Friday October 16th at APEX is because I need volunteers to make it even better.
Are you an exhibitionist? Do you and your partner have an idea for a choreographed scene that will make us drool that you were looking for a place to display?
Please demonstrate for us how hot you can make our world. We would love to have people put on choreographed scenes 5 minutes to 45 minutes long. Flashy things preferably as it may be slightly dark.
If you think you can do something please let us know by Sept first at We will confirm by Sept 15th.
Eventually will have our flier up as well. Just not yet.
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