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sushi tomorrow

So there's a munch. Tomorrow.
To quote timetowaste our outreach board member

"IN the membership that thinks we are picking expensive restaurants, I have taken on the task of planning our munch at a SUSHI (yes, I said sushi!) place in Downtown Scottsdale that offers HAPPY HOUR PRICES ALL DAY ON SUNDAYS!!

Yes, that's right TNG-AZ Member, you better come to this one, or you're going to miss out on one sweet deal! OH, and it gets better. There isn't JUST SUSHI on this menu...they serve the best Teriyaki Ribs on their appetizer menu in the valley, and guess what? ALL APPETIZERS ARE HALF OFF ALL DAY SUNDAYS!

AND there are drink specials ALL DAY!

What more do you want?

Ever hear of a "To-to" toilet before? Google it. Rest assured you will never get off these awesome toilets that this place has. Choose if you want your seat heated or cooled. Choose if you would like a spritz of water in your nether regions. Choose to push a button to flush, or lift the seat, so to stay as sanitary as possible. What a wonderful way to end your fabulous munch with TNG!

Our monthly munch @ Geisha A Go Go!

They have stuff like sushi and other oriental foods, and since Sundays are happy hour all day, you can really get your dollars worth!

Sunday, June 27th, 2010 from 4pm to 7pm.

This event is open to the General Public.
It's the perfect opportunity to get to know us if you haven't already.

Geisha A Go Go
7150 E 6th Avenue
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

For the menu, directions, a map, or just to look at the pictures...

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